Never ending saga with FNC...
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Did anyone translated the latest article released by FNC? One about Yong Hwa's impromptu song "Airplane"?

I didn't know if overseas fans had chance to read that article and notice the fine details hidden in that article released by FNC.

Just in case... let me explain my reason for writing this post.

FNC turned this impromptu song as a method to promote the latest Japanes CNBLUE album and Lee Jong Hyun with falsified informations.

First, FNC stated, in the article, that "Airplane" was an impromptu song with "music composed" by Lee Jong Hyun and "lryics written by" Jung Yong Hwa...

Helllo, FNC... This was an impromptu song sang on the spot by Jung Yong Hwa with a few cords played on guitar by Lee Jong Hyun as background sound. There is no actual "music composed" by Lee Jong Hyun in this impromptu song because he just played few cords on guitar while Yong Hwa sang his own melody with his vocals on the spot. The lyrics weren't actually "written" but sang on the spot by Jung Yong Hwa. What you published, FNC, is a falsified information.

Second, FNC stated in the article that Jung Yong Hwa was laughing out loud and joking around cheerfully during Japan fan meetings.. What a lie by FNC!

Well, hello again FNC... Do you really care that little about Jung Yong Hwa? It is witnessed by Japanese fans at the fan meeting how upset and down Yong Hwa was throughout the fan meeting. Laughing and joking? Who was that? Certainly not our CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa who were hurt badly by FNC and Mr. Han.. Are you saying all those Japanese fans who wrote fan accounts, stating how upset and down Yong Hwa was during the fan meeting, are lying, FNC?

Also, FNC, you've made Jung Yong Hwa looking like a careless, carefree diva who demands character change and turning down a role when he didn't get his way one day, although that is very far from truth, and then turn around to have a jolly good time, laughing and joking cheerfully the next day at fan meetings.

We, the fans, who witnessed it all, know how untrue this picture is because we've see all those fan photos of Yong Hwa looking very upset and uncharacteristically down and because we've read first-hand fan accounts by Japanese fans who were actually present at the fan meetings in Japan.

Unfortunately, those general public and netizens won't know of these fan photos and fan accounts and can only go by these false articles released by FNC...and believe the worse of Jung Yong Hwa. You, FNC, are truly very cruel and heartless.

Third, FNC attached the main reason for releasing this article in the first place, by adding a promotional ment in the end about Blind Love composed by Lee Jong Hyun being released in Japan.

I mean, was this article even necessary to be released at this time? After CNBLUE doing impromtu songs repeadedly last few years during CNBLUE concerts? Why now? Why only a day after releasing that article about "The Heirs" that had netizens bashing Yong Hwa mercilessly?

The FNC's reason for releasing this article about "Airplane"? To promote Lee Jong Hyun's music composition and "Blind Love". I am totally okay with FNC promoting that album actively by stressing that the title track is composed by Jong Hyun. That is the right thing to do.

However, FNC didn't need to use falsified information about Yong Hwa being cheerful and full of laughter at Japan fan meeting to promote this album and Lee Jong Hyun's music composition. Not at this time, not when Yong Hwa was used as their shield so recently and being hurt mercilessly by netizens already because of wrong-doings by FNC.

FNC didn't need to use Yong Hwa to promote Jong Hyun's musical compositions or this album. Jong Hyun's music is enough by itself for FNC to promote that album. FNC didn't need to falsified information to use as methods to promote. FNC certainly didn't need to plant a false picture of how Yong Hwa is right now in order to promote "Blind Love".

Laughing loudly and joking around? Really, the same very quiet and very down Jung Yong Hwa that Japanese fans saw at the fan meetings in Japan? Is FNC completely blind? Or are they really that heartless?

Those fans of other CNBLUE members, please don't think your biased member will be free from wrong-doings by FNC and Mr. Han. They might turn against your bias member one of these days and treat your bias member the way they are treating Yong Hwa right now.

What can we do as fans?

All we can do is show Yong Hwa actively how we are still standing very firmly behind him and supporting him all the way, regardless of what FNC is trying to do.

I think using twitter to send a cheer up message to Yong Hwa is a great way. I don't tweet but I am seriously considering start using twitter actively, just to show FNC and the world that Yong Hwa has one more fan who is willing to stand by him throught thick and thin.

Please, if you use twitter now, continue to send cheer up message actively to Yong Hwa. Please retwit any positive articles of Yong Hwa actively, even old articles, so we can drown out these false articles released by FNC,

I firmly believe one of the things Yong Hwa could use right now is to know that his fans are actively and firmly standing by him. Let's show him that we care about him, we stand by him, and we firmly support him, through highs and lows.


FNC, take a look at this picture? Does this face look like a face of young man who laughed loudly and joked carefreely at Japan fan meetings? I think not...

However, for a true account of what actually took place, let's ask those Japanese fans who were actually at the fan meeting in person... those fans who filled twitter with concerned messages about Yong Hwa because how usually quiet and down Yong Hwa was during the fan meeting... who actually witnessed with their own eyes. What do you say, FNC? Shall we bring out those actual fan accounts, FNC?


After watching "Taxi" with CNBLUE...
Originally posted by ladyoflake at After watching "Taxi" with CNBLUE...
After watching "Taxi" with CNBLUE...

There is just so much to love and admire about Yong Hwa...  He is such an exceptional young man.  It was his music and his passion for music that first led me to him and to CNBLUE, but it is the depth in his character that makes me stay and makes his music even that much more special.

Hopefully, someone will translate and sub Taxi episode with CNBLUE... 

I love that Yong Hwa composed "I'm Sorry" with the individual instrumental styles of each members of CNBLUE in his mind.

I love that Yong Hwa won't talk about his copyright loyalities because he doesn't want to associate music with money.   Music is something he loves to do.  Composing is like a part of his life.  In recent radio shows and in past interviews, Yong Hwa talked about how some of his song compositions were inspired.  We all know about how "Coffee Shop" was inspired by his day spent at Hongdae coffee shop, observing different people interactions and such.  "Guy Like Me" was inspired by seeing comments on internet while internet shopping.  "I'm Sorry" inspiration came from past experience...  We know what kind of meaning "One Time", "In My Head", "Where You Are", "Mr. KIA", "Feeling", "Robot", and "Time is Over" have and what kind of meaning to these songs hold to these songs' composer, Jung Yong Hwa. 

To Yong Hwa, it seems life experiences are inspirations for his music.  He views life with very special eye and his listens nature with very special ear.  Life is music...  To him... 

How can one put a monetary value to something as precious and as special as his music?  I couldn't.  

Just as he is so happy writing his music, playing his music, and sharing his music that is the result of how he experiences life and view life...  The happiness, the strength, and the hope his music brings me as I spent my days of laughter, tears, heartaches, sadness, frustrations, despair, and joy as I listen to his songs are truly invauable and very precious. 

His songs are not written randomly.  There is a life in his music.  There are his own stories behind his compositions and lyrics.  There are his own experiences, his imaginations, his hopes, his interpretations, his feelings, his thoughts, his struggles, his frustrations, and his determination deeply embbeded in his music and lyrics...  

For that, I love his songs even more.  These songs written by are so much more precious because they hold special meaning to the songs' composer.

Thank you for writing those songs, Jung Yong Hwa...  Thank you so much for holding those songs you've written so dear to your heart, songwriter Jung Yong Ywa.   

No.  No one can place a monetary value to something so precious and have so much meaning as these beatiful creations that came from the heart of this very special young man who see something beautiful and positive as well as something musical and lyrical even in the most simpler things in life and everyday experiences...

It was very heartwarming to listen to younger members of CNBLUE talking about their older brother and leader Jung Yong Hwa with so much love and appreciation.  Yong Hwa gave so much of himself for this band.  It is very heartwarming to see the younger members acknowledging and speaking out their appreciation for all that Yong Hwa has done and verbalizing their love for their older brother who has done so much for the band without a word of complaint or frustration for having to do so much without even having a time to sleep to promote this band when they first debuted.

This part was edited from the CNBLUE episode of "Hello".   Those who were in the audience reported that Yong Hwa talked about how he once even pretended to take a shower and had a water running so he can catch few minutes of sleep because he was so exhausted.  I often wondered how he managed his "killer" of a schedule in 2010.  His schedule during "I'm a Loner" and "Love" was truly a backbreaker.  I can totally see how he could have been so exhausted that he even tried to catch few minutes of sleep in the shower.  For CNBLUE, he endured that kind of killer schedule, to promote this band...  without a word of complaints...  And he shared every cent of his earnings during that time when he was working himself to exhaustion with other members of CNBLUE... 

Just as it was difficult for the leader and the frontman of this band, Jung Yong Hwa, to endure that kind of killer schedule to promote this band in the beginning, it must have been difficult for other members of CNBLUE to see their leader nearly working himself to exhaustion to promote their band.

I appreciate Yong Hwa for doing what he did for this band and I appreciate the younger members of CNBLUE showing their love and appreciation for their older brother and their leader...  This is the reason CNBLUE have been able to overcome so much in their first three years and this is the reason their music endured all the storms and this is the reason they'll last as a band in this crazy world.  They believe in their music and in each other.  They appreciate what each member of this band has done for this band. 

I love this band... I love each and every member of this band.  I love their music because all the traces all that they have overcome to be where they are now  as well as all their dreams and hopes for their future are deeply embedded in their music 

I appreciate the brave young leader who has quietly led this band with so much wisdom and with so much integrity while weathering so many storms and carrying so much on his young shoulders during first three years.  I love the younger members who appreciate all that this brave young leader has done and these younger members who have grown so much in last three years that they are  so confidently and willingly starting to share that load.  I deeply appreciate the closeness and the bond the members of this band have for each other and their music that connects them.

* Lol...  Why do I always end up writing completely diffenrent journal entry than the one I intended to write when I log onto my LJ...  my intention was to write about speed demons and dare devils today...  hahahaha... May be I'll save that for the next entry...  ^^

* Lol...  I do seriously do need to re-read my entries before I post them for grammatical errors and spelling errors... Perhaps I'll starting doing that with my next entry...  Feeling littly too sleepy now to go back and re-read this before posting.  Please forgive me for my errors... >_<   

* Lol... Moonlight Prince and Slam Dunk waiting for us...  ;-)

I love how the mind of this boy works.


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